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TBD | Business Agility Conference | Ljubljana - Slovenia
Speaker: Natalija Hellesoe
: 9:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 16:00
Duration (min): 360
Hall: 3
Track: 3 - Opportunities
Type: Workshop

These days, we often hear people talk about “transformation” at their companies. But how can you actually get moving and create good and sustainable momentum for ongoing changes in your company?

Goals are embedded in the organizational system. Therefore, changing the way you work with goals through concepts like OKR has the potential to create important impulses for new ways of working in the whole organization. Higher focus, alignment, transparency, and measurability for all employees on all levels are often the first realized benefits. Higher value-creation, self-responsibility or becoming a learning organization are other potentials that can be unlocked through OKR.

In this workshop, we will introduce our approach to an individual OKR design.
Differently designed OKR systems can lead to a variety of benefits – one cycle at a time – based on your starting point and what kind of organization you want to create in the future!

We will also share our experiences on how to use the OKR process to drive ongoing change for the other elements of the organizational system (like strategy, structures, roles, incentives systems and alike), focussing on value creation, learning and autonomous decision-making.

The workshop is designed based on the “training from the back of the room” approach to focus on interaction and reflection, systemic approaches to change in organizations and contains proven templates from our OKR coaching experience, as well as some new ideas to experiment with together.

Join us for a hands-on one day workshop experience to…

  • Learn about different OKR system designs and how to shape your individual way of working with OKR
  • Find out where you stand in terms of value creation and how to unlock further potentials with special OKR definition formats
  • Find out where you stand in terms of being a learning organization and how to unlock further potentials with special OKR review and retrospective formats
  • Find out where you stand in terms of (team) autonomy and how to unlock further potential for autonomous decision-making

This workshop is for:

  • Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and other change agents in the organization who (want to) use OKR and learn more about how to drive ongoing change with OKR
  • Executives, People managers or organizational developers who would like to reflect on the status quo of their company and take away new impulses for further development of value creation, learning and autonomous decision-making
  • OKR newbies, who already tested OKR in first pilots or are familiar with the basic concept and want to know how to design OKR systems for ongoing change

Methods we will use during the workshop: 

  • Case Studies
  • Design Thinking
  • Group exercises
  • Learning Retrospectives

What you will receive as well: 

  • Slide deck
  • Templates to drive ongoing change in your organization
  • Real-life examples and mutual exchange with other experienced participants
  • Introduction to the (remote) OKR practitioner community

Speaker's BIO

Natalija Hellesoe is a trainer, coach and chance taker. She is keen on exploring new ways of working, living and learning and always striving to inspire people to redefine what is possible. Natalija has been working within People Development and Transformation since 2010 before starting her own business. Her work is shaped by living in and working with many different countries, cultures, and customers. She currently focuses on Leadership & Responsibility, Agile HR and Learning. Natalija also supports companies at different stages of their OKR journey—from first "Know-how" workshops to OKR Practitioner coaching and organizational development. Together with Sonja Mewes she strives to create a collaborative platform, where OKR practitioners inside and outside of companies can explore the possibilities of developing organizations with OKRs in trainings, meet ups, remote learning opportunities and more.