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Business Agility Slovenia

Business Agility Institute (BAI) is worldwide leading  institution for business agility. It was created to support the next generation: companies that are agile, innovative, dynamic, and perfectly designed to thrive in today‚Äôs unpredictable market.

Main mission of BAI is to support and develop the business agility and promote the structure, mindset, and behavior of agile organizations, that is why we decided to establish Slovenian Business Agility community to help organizations in Slovenia to be more agile and to create work that can be verified, trusted and actionable. Kick off Business Agility community in Slovenia will take place on May 21. 

The capstone of Business Agility (Institute? in Slovenia will be 2-days conference, where we will bring together highly respected international speakers as well as the best Business Agility experts from across the world.

We invite you to join us and discover new ways of working and new ways of doing while we dive deep in Value for customer, Finding new Opportunities & Embracing Change.

21. - 22. maj, 2020 | Ljubljana | Slovenia