Business Breakfast

Creating the business of the future: a leaders role Evan Leybourn

Too many organizations have forgotten that we aren’t in business to make money. We are in business to serve our customers. We make a profit to continue to achieve that purpose. Organizations have always needed to earn the right to exist. Yet, as both market predictability and the barrier to entry is decreasing, we are now seeing that incumbents no longer enjoy the same commercial advantage as they used to. It is agile organizations — those that frequently inspect, adapt and pivot to meet opportunities — that are more likely to flourish in this ambiguous and uncertain market. Join us for the Business Agility breakfast to learn what it takes to thrive in an unpredictable marketplace and what it means to be truly customer-centric...

A business agility deep dive

This session will lead people through an interactive exploration of the Domains of Business Agility. This will be insightful, eye-opening, and will leave you with practical ideas on changing how you run your transformations. Join us for a lively and crisp breakfast where you will discover why Business Agility is important and that business agility isn’t the goal, but customer centricity and employee engagement is.