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TBD | Business Agility Conference | Ljubljana - Slovenia
Speaker: Maja Majstorović Hajduković
: 09:00 - 12:00
Duration (min): 180
Hall: 2
Track: 1 - Customer Value
Type: Workshop

In this fast changing VUCA world, agile enables organisations to quickly and nimbly innovate and meet rapidly changing customer needs.

The path towards an Agile Organization changes everything – performance management, recruiting, learning & development, compensation and benefits and the way we foster employee engagement. Agile and new ways of work change dramatically, how HR can and will look like.

This workshop specifically focuses on the necessary transformation in the people management approach and practices needed for full organisational agility. HR’s guidance and facilitation of this process is highlighted - unlocking the true potential of people and the heart of the organisation itself. This workshop is for all, who want to understand and shape the future of a modern HR (Human Relations) Management.

During the workshop we will unpack the theories and practical applications behind agility . Great emphasis is placed on practical examples and tools that you can use when you get started on your Agile People initiatives.

Speaker's BIO

Maja Majstorović Hajduković is a HR and organizational changes expert with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and retail industry. Skilled in talent management and organization design, with experience in change management, organizational culture, with a special passion in HR Innovation and Agile HR. Maja's passion is helping leaders& HR to win with change – empowering value creation in digital times with strong teams, focused leadership and innovative HR. Since HR has an opportunity to drive an organisational force within business, our focus must be on creating better workplaces through the development of individuals and teams across all disciplines. The trick is to start small and keep it simple. Go AgilePeople!