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TBD | Business Agility Conference | Ljubljana - Slovenia
Speaker: Fabrício Laguna
: 13:00 - 16:00
Duration (min): 180
Track: 1 - Customer Value
Type: Workshop

Is your business looking for agility? To remain relevant and competitive in the actual business environment, companies must be able to sense changes and adapt their behavior quickly. To achieve that goal I see 2 different main strategies:

    1. Small autonomous multidisciplinary teams, capable of fast solution development;
    2. Configurable business solutions, able to change without new development.

The second strategy is certain faster, cheaper and less risky. Unfortunately, not always available. A smart company should use both strategies, but keeping the focus of the teams on strategy 1 to deliver the solutions expected in strategy 2.

The management of business knowledge is the core competency one need to create configurable business solutions and to keep dev teams aligned. And this competency is not far from Business Requirements Management.

This workshop will show you how to get there.

Learning objectives - What you will learn

      1. How to create business knowledge bases during a requirement management process.
      2. The key techniques to map business knowledge.

This workshop is a sequence of the 40 minutes conference presentation and go deeper with practical exercises using Fabrício’s approach to maintain business knowledge with requirements.

Speaker's BIO

Fabrício Laguna is the main reference on Business Analysis in Brazil. IIBA Brazil Chapter president since 2012. CBAP, PMP, MBA.
Consultant and instructor for more than 25 years, has been helping some of the biggest Brazilian corporations (Financial, Insurance and Governmental orgs) to adapt their methodologies to implement the new age business analyst (agile and committed to business value).
Author and producer of videos, articles, classes, lectures and playful content, he can explain complex things in a simple and easy to understand way.