Marina Alex

Marina Alex, as an entrepreneur, management consultant, agile coach and pioneer of Agile Sales, Marina specialises in building sustainable and robust agile organisations. She has a strong record of accomplishment with more than 10 years of sales experience. During this time, her sales teams regularly brought over $1.5 million per year; outperforming all other teams and meeting/exceeding their sales targets.

Over the last 4 years, she has developed an innovative sales technique based on business agility principles and practices; which she has successfully implemented in 4 major organisations across Russia. The most recent of these increased their sales performance from 43% target to over 120% of target. Marina’s extensive sales background gives her a unique understanding of how business works – allowing her to uniquely solve complex cultural and business problems. During this time, she has launched more than 170 agile teams across various industries and worked closely with teams of managers in sales, logistics, and medicine.

Marina is the author of SWAY (Sales with Agile system) which today helps many sales teams across the world.